Jiu-Jitsu Online Training

SBG Bury Head Coach Glyn Powditch coaching at the world renown Hardcore Gym, Athens GA


Jiu-Jitsu Online Training

SBG Bury Head Coach Glyn Powditch coaching at the world renown Hardcore Gym, Athens GA

Back Control – Killing The Burrow & Technical Standup Escape


just basically we just talked about

that thought so I’m trying to turn side


he’s trying to borrow

so I’m trying to turn sideways

and then all I’m really trying to do


get smart

and I’m switching

I’m just switching on it

you know if I can get this or

because it just kills apart from he can

push now but he can’t really the the

kick Escape is really a pull

so if I go back if he


yeah so if he if I let him go if I keep

my feet here right so he he can he’s to

be borrowed right I still really want

what I’m really looking for here is the

technical standoff I’m not looking for

you to kick your leg or when you think

about how you would get up in a fight

where the guy stood in front of me so

like if you look at that there so yeah

you really want to turn that heel to

show your heel and kick with that leg

kick like you’re trying to get up yes

and you connect your elbow into it as

well so do it again

yeah beautiful much better yeah right so

we’re just using that move all the time

it just becomes lighter


muscle memory or what we’ll call it so

when he’s doing this

I’m trying to change the angle

I’m trying to change the angle

so that’s my feet and then I also want

to try and get that cider so as he

starts trying to I’ve got I’ve got all

of these different things to pull him


put him in the body triangle or just

play here

it’s very hard for him to really use his

legs here starts to switch they can

start to switch and go with him

and then as this is happening I start

putting these in either side

because the more he tries to use his

elbow on my leg so he tries to use that

yet see how that opens up so yeah that’s

the base of the basic dilemma Max was


if I feel him

putting his elbow in here well then this

can’t he can’t do both

he can’t defend this and dig his elbow

that that’s just going to become the

game yeah and I can start attacking him

both sides once I’m here and I know he

can’t he hasn’t got an easy escape on

this I can stop I don’t need this


because I can just attack his neck he’s

got he’s got too many problems going on

but if I do want the security it’s just


so at any point I don’t like what’s

going on I just switch this to this hip

and now I know I’ve got the arm bar

almost no matter what

so start moving around

so I still have the armor I still have

the arm bar I can start switching I’ve

got the arm bar he gets out

we’re back to the back I’ll let my feet

are here so I brought this across I can

start attacking his neck because I know

there’s no easy route out

where I’m here much easier for what I’m

like here neutral it’s much easier for

him to start seeing his elbows into my

knees yeah

and the minute it pops is going on

and that’s why I attack from side upside


and and if you look all I do is take

some sound up here

this is all I’m beginning to do I’m

getting my body into a position where I

can’t kick because his legs on it but it

becomes a hook but if you look at where

I am

it’s just exactly the same

mirror in the position

okay and if I’m under his arm I always

have the arm bars Insurance in my

technical standard that he doesn’t have

if he’s borrowing this down

then I know that there’s weakness on

this side for the joke

so you’re training the arm walk

to go in here

and you’re trying to keep your feet out

of the insurance because here there’s no

technical stand-up

you can try and spin and whatever but he

doesn’t have technical style he’s not

going to clear a hook do your technical

stand up

this is worse

yeah so I think it’s mine yeah yeah

um let’s just get some rounds in now

we’ll just start and say

if you have any other questions on that

uh back position obviously we can

revisit it and get to the end of the

session or put it in the messenger words


or whateve